Securely store passwords within ServiceNow

SafeSpace is a native ServiceNow application that gives organizations superior control over access to passwords within the Now Platform. 


Administrators are able to easily control which users and applications can access each password in The Safe while Safe Logs keep precise data records surrounding users viewing each password. 

Image by Jason Dent


Delegated administration (this app has its own admins outside of system admins)

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Passwords are encrypted

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Access to passwords are logged 

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Decide who has read/write access 

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Built-in script to allow other parts of the system to access with proper permissions

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Native ServiceNow password vault


  • This native application integrates directly with ServiceNow

  • All passwords are safe and accessible in one central place within ServiceNow

  • Built-in script allows other parts of the ServiceNow system to access passwords with proper permissions


  • Passwords are stored in a two-way encrypted field (256 AES encryption)

  • Delegated administration gives admins access to seven fields of read/write controls

  • Password retrievals are logged, making it easy to see—and show—how your passwords are being used

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