Share the Wealth: Event Management in ServiceNow

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Speaker: Mike Desmond

In this week’s Share the Wealth video, Mike Desmond of Pharicode gives an overview and demonstration of Event Management in ServiceNow.

What is Event Management?

Event management (EM) scoping and planning covers organization, periodic service review, adoption, integrations, interactions, and implementation. EM touches different components as it related to ITSM including CMDB, service mapping, PA, service management, orchestration/flow designer, and security. Event management references and updates data sets in these different modules.

Event Management Scoping and Planning

The steps to integrations include collect, reduce (filter, normalize, correlate), single pane of glass, and analyze (impact, priority, root cause). The implementation process includes integration, collect & analyze, adjust, and refine. In terms of data ingestion, an event source can be a generic JSON file, an email, or any item that can be written in EM table. Once written, a rule engine will run and create the event.

Additional Features

Mike explores an event management service matrix chart and a component & flow diagram. He further provides a demonstration on the different features and functionality of event management in ServiceNow.

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