Pharicode Feature: Arvin Vitug, SkillBridge Intern

Updated: Apr 10

By: Colleen Kelly | Marketing Assistant

The team at Pharicode is full of passionate, skilled, and enthusiastic developers, architects, and engineers. If there is one thing that we all have in common, it is our love for IT and business process improvement, especially for our federal clients.

The “Pharicode Feature” is a blog series that will give you an inside look at the work and lives of the consultants at Pharicode. Our consultants will share their stories with you and lead you down the path that brought them to where they are today. Let’s dive in!

This “Pharicode Feature” spotlights Arvin Vitug, our newest SkillBridge Intern at Pharicode, originally from Barrigada, Guam and currently based in Tampa, FL.

The Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge program allows Active Duty Service members who are within 180 days of separation to accept internships with our organization. SkillBridge is a DoD-authorized program that allows service members who are within one year to six months of separation from the military to complete internships and pre-apprenticeships with approved civilian employers prior to transitioning out of the military.

Let's learn more about Arvin!

Military Branch: United States Navy

Why are you interested in IT?

Arvin: IT interests me because every day is a new opportunity to make the lives of other people easier.

What interested you about ServiceNow?

Arvin: I found out about ServiceNow through attending a conference called the DoDIIS WorldWide Conference in 2019. An individual at the booth explained the benefits of ServiceNow and I thought that it was an interesting platform to implement. When our ticketing system at work was migrated over to ServiceNow, I saw how seamless the process was from a user perspective.

Around the same time frame, I was submitting applications for internships and I found myself in a phone conversation with Sam Sussman. He mentioned that Pharicode implements ServiceNow for its clients and I immediately thought to myself, “Wow, this solution is popping up everywhere!” I had to know more, so I applied for an internship and got accepted.

Every day, I’m learning something new about what ServiceNow brings to the table and that’s why I’m interested in the platform.

How did you find the SkillBridge program?

Arvin: The DoD SkillBridge program was brought up in a mandatory class called T-GPS (Transition, Goals, Plans, Success) for service members transitioning out of the military. A presenter from the Department of Labor highlighted the program and mentioned that I could work and learn at a participating company during my last few months of service. I was sold at that point and submitted the paperwork to my chain of command the very next day to participate in the program.

What are your interests?

Arvin: Most days, I enjoy hanging out with my wife, lifting weights, and playing video games. I’ll also do some fishing occasionally.

What are your future plans?

Arvin: My plans are to move from Tampa, FL to the DC/NOVA area to capitalize on my military experience and clearance. Whether I’m working on ServiceNow or on something else within IT — I plan on being in the cleared space for a while.

My future plans also include adopting a dog.

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