5 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to a Cloud-Based IT System

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

By: Sierra Unsworth | Marketing Manager

In today’s ever-evolving world of technology and security, companies are left with two options: get digital or get left behind. Traditional legacy IT systems are often outdated, unnecessarily complex, difficult to align with internal processes, and very costly to maintain. Migrating from a legacy system to a modern, cloud-based solution is a necessary transition in order to achieve the level of automation, efficiency, and success needed to advance your federal agency.

Benefits of Converting to the Cloud

1. Keep Up with Modern Technology

With the pace of change in today’s IT world, it’s much easier to stay current when you’re proactively maintaining your system and taking care of necessary updates. These updates are designed to keep your system functioning at its best and are consistently rolling out new features and functions that can benefit your company.

2. Inherit Existing Improvements and Processes

A modernized cloud IT platform allows you to take advantage of all the capabilities of new technologies. With pre-designed business automation and workflows, your system can instantly inherit improvements and processes with a task-based, service-oriented architecture.

3. Save Money and Resources

Maintaining your IT system and onboarding new users can become increasingly more difficult when you’re running on outdated platforms — especially if the person who developed them is no longer involved. Modern cloud platforms enable you to easily keep your system and users up-to-date on changes, enhancements, and advancements, and by letting our experts do the work for you, your team can focus more on their own core responsibilities.

4. Continuously Evolve

In addition to constantly evolving and being updated, your cloud IT system can grow and shrink with your required usage. Our experts can tailor your cloud IT system to fit the exact needs of your agency and help your team function more easily and efficiently on a daily basis.

5. Keep Up with Federal Requirements

Many government agencies are being mandated to migrate to the cloud, but given little direction on how to do so. Pharicode operates our Microsoft Azure GovCloud environments at Impact Level 5 authorization and our accredited consultants are specialized in all the necessary areas to ensure your cloud ITSM system is built securely in order to comply with all federal requirements.

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