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Upcoming Webinars

Digital Transformation for K-12 and Higher Education Institutions with ServiceNow

In this webinar, we'll explore how K-12 school systems and higher education institutions can leverage ServiceNow to empower their students, staff, and parents.

Zach Duncan

Account Executive

New in Quebec: Create Amazing Experiences Fast with ServiceNow App Engine Studio

In this webinar, Ashley Synder gives us a tour of App Engine Studio, a new and powerful low-code development tool in the ServiceNow Quebec Release.

Ashley Snyder

Senior Technical Consultant

On-Demand Webinars

The Benefits Of Cloud Hosting And Converting To An IL5-Compliant ServiceNow + Microsoft Azure CSP Environment

Explore the basics of cloud hosting and learn how your organization can benefit from migrating to a modern, IL5-compliant cloud environment.

Justin Keith

Sr. Cloud Engineer

IT Solutions for Public Disaster Relief: How the State of Tennessee Innovated Citizen Services

Learn how Pharicode was able to quickly design, build, and implement a solution through a self-service portal and custom application within ServiceNow so the State of Tennessee DHS could serve its citizens remotely in a time of need.

Lisa Ward

Software Development

How To Fix Your ServiceNow Data With Background Scripts

In this session, you'll learn different ways to write and apply background scripts both efficiently and safely for your ServiceNow instance.

Michael Kaufman


Exploring CSS in Service Portal

Interested in learning more about using CSS in Service Portal? In this webinar, we'll give a basic overview of CSS to help attendees better understand and discuss how to add custom CSS to Service Portal.

Meghan Ahrens


How to Grow Your Small Business: DoD Skillbridge

Covering the importance of the DoD Skillbridge program and how it can help small businesses grow. How to register for your company to participate in the DoD Skillbridge Program, Program Requirements, Key Metrics that will be important in the future instruction (from what we know as of today), Form requirements, and where to look for candidates.

Sam Sussman

Veteran Engagement Manager

ServiceNow Implementation Methodology, Best Practices, and BPC Enablement

In this implementation workshop, we'll cover the ServiceNow Implementation Methodology (SIM) Best Practices and BPC Enablement.

Sherry Sullivan

Director of Business Process

FastGov: How Government Can Deliver Secure & Efficient Service To Citizens

In this webinar, the creators of FastGov will show how the portal is powered by ServiceNow CSM and enables government agencies to streamline services, automate approvals, and help citizens get what they need easily and efficiently.

Travis Toulson

Senior ServiceNow Architect

Return Your Employees to Work Safely: Deep-Dive into ServiceNow Safe Workplace Applications

In this webinar, we will explore the key features and benefits of the ServiceNow Safe Workplace apps and how your organization can utilize ServiceNow to bring your employees back to the office safely and efficiently.

Dave Spangler

Technical Consultant

ServiceNow Paris Release: 5 Ways To Ensure A Smooth Upgrade

Join experts from GlideFast Consulting and Pharicode as they discuss best practices and strategies to ensure a smooth upgrade to the newest version of the Now Platform, Paris.

Paul Grupe

Delivery Director

How To Achieve Total Asset Visibility Within ServiceNow

In this webinar, you'll learn how ServiceNow can:
- Mitigate risk
- Give you real-time visibility into licensing and compliance positions
- Leverage asset data from the CMDB
- Optimize spend based on usage and strategic priorities

Mike Desmond

Senior ServiceNow Architect

Explore Your Data: How To Use Interactive Analysis

In this webinar, you'll learn how to use Interactive Analysis and Interactive Filters, and how users can quickly explore data using visualizations.

Tiffany Royer

Service Delivery Manager

Onboarding Excellence: How To Increase Efficiency with Physical Outbound Attachments

In this webinar, we'll explore scripting a way to send physical attachments through notifications instead of hyperlinks to the attachment in ServiceNow. Learn how you can configure this with users that are not registered in your instance and attach files that are not directly related to the record that triggered the notification.

Michael Rauch

Service Delivery Manager


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